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About the Product

Who can use the Once Upon a Trip product?

The Once Upon a Trip is suitable for you who enjoys travelling. For you who wants to validate your presence in the destination. For you who wants to keep your travel memories alive.

How does it work?

It is a multifunctional souvenir. You can use it during or after your travels as a basic shoulder/ back bag to keep your essentials. You can open it at 180º and it becomes a personalized canvas with a design that reflects the elements of the country you visited. There are compartments for you to use to place your photos, maps, travel guides, entry tickets of the venues you visited, and you can even place small souvenirs such as key rings, pencils, pens, magnets, badges, pins, … you decide! With that canvas you can expose it on a wall or fold it so it becomes a travel album.

Why is it personalized?

Preferentially you choose the Once Upon a Trip according to the country you are visiting. The interior design will reflect the main elements of the country you visited. You then become the artist by personalizing it with your own memories and souvenirs.

Are the designs based only on countries?

At the moment the designs are based on a country and not cities.

What countries are available now?

Our present portfolio include Portugal, Spain, France and England. Our vision is to expand to the rest of Europe and then globally.

Can I get a customized Once Upon a Trip that suits my needs?

It is possible, if it is your case please get in contact with us so we can work on your request

Why is the Once Upon a Trip useful for a tourist?

Our focus is on the tourists needs. For that reason we designed a bag that can be used during their travels to keep all the essentials. It is practical and does not occupy much space because it folds nicely. We incorporated a mini dictionary key ring with the main expressions in the native language, so you can easily comprehend what the locals are saying and for you to be understood by them. There is also a travel bullet journal to keep track of all the experiences and adventures you are living while travelling.

When is it the best time to get my Once Upon a Trip?

Preferentially you should get your Once Upon a Trip before your trip so you can use it while you are travelling, it can be your handy bag to keep your essentials with you. You can start writing down your adventures straightaway because it has a travel journal in it. You can start learning the main expressions in the native language.

What if I am travelling to more than one country?

The bag is personalized to one country only. There are 2 alternatives: you can either buy the bag for each country or you can get in contact with us for a customized order.

What are the dimensions of the Once Upon a Trip?

The bag dimensions are 40 cm x 30 cm

The canvas (opened bag) is 80 cm x 30 cm

Folded in 3 is 12 cm x 30 cm width: 5 cm

Where is the product manufactured?

The product is made in Portugal.

Where can I get the product?

You may receive it straight to your door if you order it by accessing

About the Brand

Why is it called Once Upon a Trip?

You are living and expressing your own story.  A story about your travels, a story about your own adventures, experiences and memories. You become the story hero, so make it memorable.

Why does Once Upon a Trip stand out from the other souvenir brands?

The Once Upon a Trip is more than a product. We aim higher! We want you to be part of the product and the brand, so your stories are heard. Be part of our online community to inspire and be inspired by others to travel and share your Once Upon a Trip. We work hard for continuous improvement on our products to attend your needs and overcome your expectations.

What do you bring to the community?

Once Upon a Trip is all about sharing, engaging and communicating with one another so together we inspire and be inspired by others to wander and discover the beauty of the world. We want to hear your stories and contribute in the most positive way to enhance your travel experience.

What are the core values of Once Upon a Trip?

A brand that works with people for people

A loyal commitment for our Mission & Vision

A continuous improvement of our products & service

Ethics & social responsibility


How can I get my Once Upon a Trip Bag?
Currently our selling point is online at http://myonceuponatrip.com . Access the site to meet us, to check out the products, and how we are striving to provide you the best products and services to attend your needs as a tourist.
Is the colour of the product I see on the site really the colour of the product?

We strive to represent the products presented on our site as accurately as possible, however, the exact colour and texture may not always be transmitted correctly through digital photography. The lighting and different settings of the monitor may also influence the colour tone.

Ordering Online
To place an order on www.myonceuponatrip.com you must have a valid and frequently used e-mail account. Then, simply enter into the shopping cart all products that you intend to acquire, following all the steps of the purchase so that it is completed successfully.

  1. Placing an order on www.myonceuponatrip.com is very easy:
  2. Browse the pages of the online store and find the products you want to purchase;

    Add your favorite products to the shopping cart with the “Add to Cart” button;

    Once you understand that you have already selected all the items you wish to purchase, complete the purchase by clicking “Checkout” in the shopping cart;

    Then fill in your personal information in a very simple form (very careful filling in the address and email);

    Then select the payment method;

    Review your order;

    Proceed with payment by confirming the order.

1.2. As soon as you complete your purchase, you will receive an automatic email confirming the transaction. We suggest that you print or download this copy for future reference.

1.3. In case of non-confirmation of payment or non-compliance with these Terms and General Terms of Sale, Once Upon a Trip Ltd reserves the right not to accept your order, or to cancel it, even after confirmation automatically.


Where can I find Once Upon a Trip products that are not available online?

Until further notice, you will only find our products online, on our official website www.myonceuponatrip.com.

How long for my order to be delivered?

After receiving the orders and payment verification, your order will be sent within a maximum period of 15 working days.

How should I proceed with complaints?

You can contact us directly online at: info@myonceuponatrip.com

Shipping costs?

Portugal and Archipelagos – 5,00 €

Europe – 15,00 € (up to 2kg)

Rest of the world: 23,00 € (up to 2kg)


What are the payment methods?

You can pay for your purchases through credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) or Paypal. Check our Terms & Conditions for further details.


Can I return the product?

It is for the customer to verify the quantity and condition of the goods when the respective delivery.

In case the client detect damage or missing items, must notify and file complaints with Once Upon a Trip Ltd in the following 7 days. In such case, Once Upon a Trip Ltd will provide you with identical replacement merchandise.

Please check Terms & Conditions for further details.