About us

Once Upon a Mission

Travelling gives you the power to feel alive, to alienate yourself from the day-to-day hustle.
It brings you the unique opportunity to feel connected with yourself and others.
Fall in love with the unknown.
Every travel adventure blossoms into a unique story and a long life memory.​
Once Upon a Trip celebrates each personal travel experience and helps you materialize it to become an everlasting memory, creating your own travel storytelling!​​

Once Upon Our Beliefs

Why is it called Once Upon a Trip?

You are living and expressing your own story.  A story about your travels, a story about your own adventures, experiences and memories. You become the story hero, so make it memorable.

Why does Once Upon a Trip stand out from the other travel souvenirs?

The Once Upon a Trip is more than a product. We aim higher! We want you to be part of the product and the brand, so your stories are heard. Be part of our online community to inspire and be inspired by others to travel and share your Once Upon a Trip. We work hard for continuous improvement on our products to attend your needs and overcome your expectations.

What does Once Upon a Trip bring to the community?

Once Upon a Trip is all about sharing, engaging and communicating with one another so together we inspire and be inspired by others to wander and discover the beauty of the world. We want to hear your stories and contribute in the most positive way to enhance your travel experience.

What are the core values of Once Upon a Trip?

A brand that works with people for people
A loyal commitment for our Mission & Vision
A continuous improvement of our products & service
Ethics & social responsibility